I am Vik

Cloud Cyber Security is Managed

Operated Mitigated

365x24x7 Dynamic AI + ML


Web Cloud Security

Proprietary AI + ML


Web OS-Intel with Semantic Archival

Monitoring footprints


Web & Social-Media Monitoring

Monitoring social for bad elements and content


Custom Cyber Security Web Applications/ Solutions for Crime & Terror Monitoring and Cluster Mapping

Intelligence things


Learn more about me if you wish to: http://vikasgulaty.com/cloud/category/cyber-security-as-a-service-outsourcing-model/

Thats something to think about...

What I was …

Was just a learner and still am experimenting everyday. That is life... work at IT

Looking knowledgebase, insights, analytics, data and content footprints everyday to verify, protect, evade and block with dynamic AI, ML and Legacy learnings.

Custom Managed Cyber Security Services Only for a select few.

For the moment work on custom projects that may be on state, national or global impact level for all forms of social reputation, public and national security causes.

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